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Join a vibrant Virtual Pilates community in the comfort of your own home or wherever else you may be in the world.

Online Pilates Ireland

Fit to the Core virtual classes are a modern wellness experience to keep you active, clear minded and give you an opportunity to connect with others.

We offers group and private live and interactive mat Pilates classes. It's fun, its quick and effective Pilates workout to bring a whole lot of joy to your day and keep your body in tune.

Fit to the Core classes are for everyone!

Join as little as €8 per class or Purchase an Monthly access pas to the classes (for the 4 week duration for as little as €55)

Why Online Pilates?

People always use the excuse of not having time to come home from work and get changed to cook a dinner and sort out the kids... so why not do a class on your own time with a special recording sent to you.

Covid 19 has impacted many lives, forcing them to change the old normailty and go with technology... Moving with the times... online can be a more conveient method for individuals savvy with texchnology. For many others maybe the studio is still an option.
Classes can be done anywhere and at your own leisure. Come off season many people go on holidays and use excuse that they are away and cannot get a class in. This way it can be done anywhere.
Workout for half the cost... No overheads....
Individuals can try other classes that may test them in a different way and also because Fit to the Core has a long waiting list, it would be good to try a class while waiting to see if its for you or not...


But Motivation is the KEY... It's a mind over matter concept.... I would also say if you really know, trust, and are truly motivated by your instructor, then do the online class.

We offer Beginners, Intermediate and Mixed Level classes.

*Confirmation email with Zoom link will be sent after booking.

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