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Welcome to our brand new Pilates oasis in the middle of Ennis – a Studio that cares solely about you and your needs. With large light-filled windows, we have a bright and spacious facility for your workout.



APPI Classes

There are Pilates classes for everyone. From Mat to Reformers, we have classes to suit all body types, and young or older individuals. All are APPI classes, meaning they are approved from a physiotheraphy point of view, and ideal to help with recovering from injuries.

Classes range from beginner to advanced, specialised kids and teens training, general and dedicated rehabilitation, and clinical sessions.


Pilates attracts everyone – from grandmothers to athletes, people with low back injuries to those who just want to get fit. It is a low-impact exercise program for people of different posture types that promises core strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone.


There are many forms of Pilates. Are you a person that just wants core strength with a feel-good work out? Or might you have specific rehab needs to get you back to playing sport? Whatever the reason, we will progress you to achieve your goal.

Yoga - the plank pose

NEW | Yoga on Fridays

Oct 5, 2017

Discover two new Yoga classes each Friday at Fit to the Core Pilates, with Kundalini Yoga with Kate in the mornings and After-school Yoga for Teens with Una in the afternoons. Kundalini Yoga At 9:30am, Kate welcomes you to movement, mantras, meditation and breath work with Kundalini Yoga. This is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are. The journey to self-discovery begins today. For full details and to book, call Kate directly on 087 669 3326. After-School Yoga for Teens From 4pm, the after-school Yoga for teens from 12-18 years is run by Una. Come in to…

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Fit to the core Pilates

Why Pilates?

Pilates has seen significant growth in popularity over recent years and for good reason. Our classes can be divided into a 'fitness style' and/or 'clinical style'. With low numbers in a class setting, all individuals get the attention they require.

As a low-impact routine which does not cause excessive strain to the joints, overuse syndromes can be avoided. It is ideal as part of a cross training exercise approach. 

If you are new to this exercise technique and seeking clinical and/or fitness benefits, or have been recommended it to help you cope with or rehabilitate an injury, our beginner classes are ideal for you.

Why Pilates at Fit to the Core Ennis
Balance at Fit to the Core, Ennis

Valerie B

"I started Sinead's class in January in her new studio. I'm really enjoying the class. With Sinead's experience and management of the classes I can feel my body toning and feel my core strength improving. The mix between Kettlebells/Pilates is challenging and fun. Sinead puts 100% into her classes and is a super motivator."

Yvonne H

"Really enjoying Sinead's Classes at Fit to the Core Pilates. Very professional set-up and great attention to detail. Sinead really motivates you in every single training session, pushes you past what you believe you can do, [and] is super encouraging, while at the same time provides plenty of banter ... love her classes!"

Mary Mc

"Sinead's classes always leave you going home on a high! Her constant encouragement and personal attention means that you give the class your all even if you're tired and just intended turning up for the hour. Sinead is definitely a real find, not only when it comes to exercise classes, but also for a general feel good factor – you always leave the studio with a smile on your face. Here's hoping she'll do geriatric Pilates in 20 years time!

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