Our aim at Fit To The Core Pilates is to make Pilates adapt to everyone individually. Pilates is a perfect fitness style that suits a vast range of abilities, posture types, and ages. We make Pilates available to everyone; whether recovering from an injury, or simply wishing to improve your body type.

Beginner Pilates


Getting individuals to understand and start with Pilates is a step-by-step process. Some people may even have used Pilates in the past and want to get going once again. For others, it is the beginning of a life-long change they have desired to do for themselves.

Our classes are restricted in size so we can provide individual attention. We help clients understand Pilates so it does not feel quite so daunting.

There are many elements to Pilates, including breathing, centering, engaging, ribcage placement, and so on. These need to be taken slowly and understood – but don’t panic!

Our Beginners Class is a six week course that helps you understand, practice, and involve specifically targeted muscles, under the watchful eye of your clinically-trained guide. This is the foundation of Pilates: experience this course and your life will change, as your love for Pilates will begin to grow.

Intermediate Pilates


Once you finish your beginners course, you should now know and understand the basic selection of exercises. When moving to intermediate stage, we begin to add more resistance as necessary. Equipment is introduced, such as small balls, massage balls, resistance bands, magic circles, and so on.

Because we get to know the individuals working with us, we at Fit To The Core Pilates know what they can handle in class, and exercise enough to know and feel that core muscles have been worked – but never to the point of injury.

Advanced Pilates


Our advanced programme differs slightly from the intermediate class, catering to individuals that like, understand and want to grow their Pilates experience. This hour-long dedicated class combines the original exercise and new high-resistance exercises, providing greater benefits and more activation of the deep core muscles.

This is where the fun begins! Advanced Pilates is ideal for those that like a challenge and wish to stride towards increasing intensity while improving their body conditioning.

Unlike gym based workouts that may lead to tighter, bulkier muscles, this form of advance Pilates also helps to give you lengthened muscles and promotes a more streamlined body. This is the primary reason why so many professional sports teams and elite athletes now use Pilates as a critical part of their training regimen.

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Specialised Classes

Pilates for Rehabilitation


Injuries occur from placing excessive strain on our bodies. This varies for all individuals, depending on the existing condition of the body.

Poor posture can cause muscle imbalances in the back and pelvis, making these areas more susceptible to injury. A repetitive physical task may strengthen specific muscles needed for that action, while leaving nearby muscles weaker in comparison, and potentially out of balance. A different task, performed later, may require both the now-stronger and unused weaker muscles: this makes the body vulnerable to injury.

The flexibility of the Pilates system – especially as it a low-impact regime – makes it a powerful rehabilitation tool to 're-balance' the muscular system.

Clinical Pilates classes generally are taught by clinical specialists competent to guide an injured body through the rehabilitation stages.

Classes can also be very effective for those who wish to get fitter, or to proactively prevent injuries, in a more controlled and safe environment. Even in a class setting with limited participants, the routine can accommodate participants with different physical conditions.

At the Fit To The Core Pilates studio, we run progressive class levels from beginner to advanced.

Clinical Rehab Class


This is a professionally thought programme layed out by APPI (Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Instruction) governing body. Having studied Physiotherapy in UL, I have learned about various ailments and injuries such as low back pain, SIJ joint pain, sciatica and hip injuries. Pilates rehabilitation exercises can improve body posture and help with this. The exercises learned in this class will subconsciously help to improve the natural rhythm of the body's movement.

The first step in this process is learning how to align the body before activating the deep core of support muscles. Aside from being a more mindful intelligent approach to movement it reduces stress and fatigue which go hand-in-hand with back problems.


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