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Welcome to our brand new Pilates oasis in the middle of Ennis – a Studio that cares solely about you and your needs. With large light-filled windows, we have a bright and spacious facility for your workout.

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*Due to Covid-19, classes will be limited to online classes only.*

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Why Fit to the Core Pilates?

FounderSinead Cullinan

Really Pilates can be done 2-4 times a week, however in todays/peoples busy schedule maybe if you could fit in 2 sessions along with an overall strength session and 2 cardio sessions. (This would be a good ddweeks workout).

Sinead Cullinan is a professional and experienced Pilates instructor. She believes that knowledge is power when it comes to exercise. Pilates has been proven to be one of the safest methods of exercise for post-rehabilitation. If you know how, it can be one of the least stressful yet most effective forms of exercise there is. Sinead has been trained and certified by "The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute" and with her wealth of experience she can guide each client to achieve their physical goals.

Each season we offer over 20 different classes and group training sessions per week at various times and days. Our prices are extremely competitive and with private lessons, we offer a special discount, because the more Pilates classes taken the less it costs per class.

Yes Pilates can help strengthen weak muscles in the back and help relief non specific back pain. However, when rehabing with Pilates a specific programme needs to be tailored towards you and your needs.

Pilates attracts everyone – from grandmothers to athletes, people with low back injuries to those who just want to get fit. It is a low-impact exercise program for people of different posture types that promises core strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone.
We own a variety of specialised equipment meaning each client will benefit from a multitude of different exercise regimes. We make sure that our clients are constantly challenged with a variety of fun exercises each time.



APPI (Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Instructor)

Instructor (Mat, Reformer, Ante & Post-Natal)

BSc Physical Education & Dip Physiotherapy

BSc Physical Education & Diploma Physiotherapy

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Our Testimonials

"I started Sinead's class in January in her new studio. I'm really enjoying the class. With Sinead's experience and management of the classes I can feel my body toning and feel my core strength improving. The mix between Kettlebells/Pilates is challenging and fun. Sinead puts 100% into her classes and is a super motivator."

Valerie B

"Really enjoying Sinead's Classes at Fit to the Core Pilates. Very professional set-up and great attention to detail. Sinead really motivates you in every single training session, pushes you past what you believe you can do, [and] is super encouraging, while at the same time provides plenty of banter ... love her classes!"

Yvonne H

"Sinead's classes always leave you going home on a high! Her constant encouragement and personal attention means that you give the class your all even if you're tired and just intended turning up for the hour. Sinead is definitely a real find, not only when it comes to exercise classes, but also for a general feel good factor – you always leave the studio with a smile on your face. Here's hoping she'll do geriatric Pilates in 20 years time!

Mary Mc

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